Saturday, June 14, 2008

That's it for the Egypt photos.

Camera used: Canon Ixus 950IS

That's the best of the lot that I can put up on the web. I had something like 2700 pics, which includes multiple shots for some places and stuff that I liked, and pics of my fellow tourmates (which I'm not putting up).

Egypt has a lot of great photography opportunities as a friend puts it. However, take note that you are not allowed to take photos inside many of the temples, museums and tombs. Also, you cannot climb on any of the monuments that you visit. Egypt's tourist police actively patrols these grounds and makes sure no one takes their explorations of the ancient Egyptian monuments too far.

Unfortunately, we had to follow a tour group this time as we are unfamiliar with the culture and country. Go free and easy if you can and if you dare, you will be rewarded with more time to appreciate these ancient places that have so far stood the test of time.


Goldenrod said...

Well, I certainly have enjoyed the pix. I guess that's it for this site, then?

GatheringDust said...

For now. I'm planning to visit Hokkaido, Japan somewhere at the end of August or early September.