Monday, March 28, 2011

PAX East, Boston 11-13 March 2011 (II)

1. Child of Eden (Ubisoft) stage demo -- an intense and beautiful shooter for the Kinect.

2. Plants vs Zombies :D

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO promo.

4. Guy in an octopus suit having a go with Dance game on the Kinect.

5. Little Sister from Bioshock accompanied by a masked guy in a sharp suit (I can't recall which game I've seen this character from right now.)

6. Freeplay Stage for Rock Band

7. Guy in Plants vs Zombies cone hat delighted to have try at the upcoming 3DS (yes it's out since 27 March). NEG and I were lucky to have been able to play the demos on the first day in the morning. After that, there was a very long queue to get to those 3DS demo units until the end of event. Zelda and Nintendogs were particularly impressive, and we became very excited about the release of the 3DS after that. Steel Diver, Pilot Wings and a couple of others were also available to try.

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