Friday, April 8, 2011

Greek Independence Day celebrations (Sunday, March 20th)

History of the Greek War of Independence

Greek Independence Day is on March 25th, but this celebration was done on the Sunday before. I'm so glad I visited at the right time to attend this.

This celebration is held at a Greek Orthrodox Church. The children, from little ones to teens, had put together a show with recitals and various dances. Dressed in their various ethnic costumes, it was a very colorful performance and they all danced very well.

NEG's son performed this incredible dance with a round tray where he had place one cup and then two cups of water on the inside rim, and swung it around. It was amazing, not a drop spilled! The cool bit was at the end where he and his dance partner took the cups of water and drank the water after. Everyone was impressed. :)

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