Monday, June 2, 2014

Provincetown, Cape Cod (Part II)

From the top of the Pilgrim Monument, I could see the coastlines and the one east that stretches out thin to towards an island with a lighthouse.

I made my way down the monument and proceed to make my way there.

It was about noon and the sun was all out and the skies were blue but the breeze was cool and it was a pleasure to walk. I made my way down to the beach area and walked along it.

Colorful pebbles and seashells were at my feet. The sand was soft. The waters were so blue.  Not much litter. Very unlike the typical Singapore beach back home, where the water is oily and oil stains marking tidal lines on the sand and there's broken glass and plastic bottles everywhere. Even closed off beach sites on Singapore were dirty and full of litter from passing ships. I breath in the fresh cool air here, enjoying all of it because, as clean as Singapore is, our beach is quite badly polluted.

I walked pass houses, cottages and inns. How pleasant it would be to spend a few days here in one of these beach cottages or inns! I vowed to do it the next time I return. I am sure I will. But I am reminded of a friend who said to me; he said, "there are many beautiful places in the world. It seems a waste to visit the same place twice." It is because one should try to visit as many places as possible when one is alive. But I didn't exactly finish experiencing this one. I was beginning to feel sorry that this was a mere day trip.

To be continued....

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