Monday, June 3, 2013

Denver, Colorado 2013

Denver, Colorado. I was there for about a week for a work related conference, and so arrived a few days earlier so I could walk around and explore the city for a bit.

I stayed at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, a pretty nice hotel located next to 16th Street Mall which is full of little shops and eateries. I was happy about that as that meant I didn't need to go very far to find sustenance.

16th Street Mall is alive with tourists, baskers and foodstands. And there are pianos along it that people can just play on. I can't imagine such a thing would ever exist in Singapore as I watched some people stop by those pianos and begin playing tunes on it. So spontaneous. The atmosphere seems happy and generally friendly. Although there are homeless wandering about asking for handouts, they didn't seem aggressive.

 The weather was great when I was there. Sunny most times, with some clouds at times. It did rain on the second day of the conference and sometimes in the evenings, but it wasn't heavy downpour kind of rain, thought it was chilly when it did rain.

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