Friday, April 8, 2011

Winchester, New England (March 2011)

This is Winchester, in New England, in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States of America. (Not Great Britain, as people are prone to thinking so because of the England-ish names.).


1. Shops of all sorts on the main street.

2. Police station and fire house.

3. Winchester Town Hall

NEG took me on a walkabout of her neck of the woods, so to speak. I get the sense she didn't think it would impress me as much as say, Boston or Salem. "Here's the town center... here's the town bookstore... of course a Starbucks" etc and on she goes.

And I was just thinking what perfect place it was to settle in. So quiet, so neat, so serene and no constant traffic noise or sense of crowded-ness.

Winchester isn't very far away from Boston, so it is ideal in that one can still work in the city and come home to this peace and quiet, as contrast to being constantly in high people-density places. I feel like I've got a very small alone space to rest. One almost wish half the population would disappear just so one can have a little bit of more peace.

Of course, I know not all American neighborhoods look like this. But this seems like a very ideal one to me.

"This is a really nice town." I said. And I constantly seem to be saying that, about her town, her neighborhood and her house -- because it's just all perfect to me.

"Yeah...I like it. It's a nice place to raise a family.... The schools are all here... We can get what we basically need from the stores here." NEG said like it was all nothing very exciting.

But for the city-saturated me, I really would want to live in a place with a whole lot less excitement and noise. I might even sacrifice being where I'm always 10-15 minute walking distance from the nearest eating place.

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